Our Story

I represent the 3rd generation of my family in this business.

I’ve been nineteen years at the helm of Boutique Plaza Cantarero and am proud of the experience, of all the people that I have been able to meet and of those that I will meet in the future.

I spent part of my childhood here with my grandparents. I got married and formed a family of 4, my children Pepe and Jimena, allowing us all the opportunity to meet people from infinite parts of the world.

Boutique Plaza Cantarero is known for its welcoming, homely and very personalized ambience, inviting visitors to return time and time again, many choosing the same room as if it was a second home.

After my mother decided to convert the original house to what it is today, I took over the management after 5 years with the desire to continue the family tradition, given that my parents had also previously run an internationally known, similar establishment in the town.

My mother, at the time, had her doubts if I would stay the course, but here I am still going, since 2003, with the same illusion and enthusiasm as when I started.

During this time, whilst also learning so much more about this profession, I have had the good fortune to have made many friends amongst the long list of guests that we have been so fortunate to have entertained, sharing fond memories between our respective families.

We don’t live a luxury life but we do have a great lifestyle. To be able to live in a safe and friendly environment is a privilege. To wake up to great sunrises, be surrounded by family and friends, to enjoy the local cuisine from the abundance of local restaurants, take a siesta, these are the simple pleasures of life that are true luxury.

If you want to share this experience, come and visit us. We’ll be waiting for you!

And after what we have all been through with the pandemic, it is more than gratifying for us to help you have a new positive experience.

Tanya Edwards Jimena


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